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Portraits in the mixed technique. A pencil, pastel, coal, watercolor, dry brush.

To order a portrait from a nature and on a photo a pencil, a pastel, a watercolor, coal on a site of artist Yakov Dedyk.



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In the mixed technique a water color, a pastel, a pencil, coal

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To order a portrait, figure a pencil a pastel Moscow. The order of a portrait a pencil Moscow from a photo. To draw a portrait in Moscow, to order figure on a photo. The artist - portraitist will draw a portrait from photos in Moscow in a pencil from a photo, a pastel. A modern portrait, an art portrait drawn by a pencil. The order of a portrait Moscow. To order a portrait coal in Moscow on a photo a pencil, a water color. A modern portrait, the diagram, portraits from a nature to order a pencil and coal, a pencil portrait. The order of a black-and-white portrait.


   The portrait to order from a nature and a photo will be executed by artist - portraitist Yakov Dedyk. Works are carried out in any technique (a canvas. Oil, a dry brush, coal, a pencil, a pastel, a water color, the mixed  technique, and as painting and pictures to order) at the request of the customer. A portrait in full growth, a humeral portrait, a portrait with hands, a group portrait, a wedding portrait, a smart portrait, a portrait of a naked nature. Caricatures and subject cartoons. Sale of pictures. Restoration from old photos (black-and-white). Design and registration of an interior. I do copies only the works and pictures. To order a portrait, a picture it is possible on the Internet or in workshop of the artist. It is possible as to offer the subject in a spelling of a subject composition. Quality and similarity to the original I guarantee! Ph. Moscow: 8-962-189-15-98; the South of  Russia: 8-961-855-91-88. E-mail: yakovdedyk@yandex.ru.  

Portraits in the mixed technique (the combined technique). (Used materials: technique a dry brush (an oil paint), a pastel, a color pencil, a photo processed in the graphic editor, a water color, coal, distemper, a paper, a cardboard, a canvas).            

Portraits in the mixed technique   Double portrait in technique a pastel, color. A pencil, a water color, a dry brush, distemper.   portrait in technique a dry brush

портрет в смешанной технике акварель, пастель,карандаш. 2008.      Portraits in the mixed technique  Portrait in the mixed technique

   Portrait a pencil  

Portrait in technique a pencil, coal

WWW yakovdedyk.narod.ru

At the possible publication on other resources, the reference to a site http://yakovdedyk.narod.ru/ is obligatory.

Portraits, pictures and compositions on genre subjects.

Portraits of women :: the Man's portrait :: Kids portraits :: the Group portrait :: Pictures and compositions :: Graphic arts  :: Naked nature :: Cartoons

  On a site of modern artist - portraitist Yakov Dedyk we can order a portrait from a nature and on a photo order a portrait oil on a canvas, a portrait a pencil, coal, a portrait from photos a dry brush. To order a picture oil, to draw a portrait, portrait painting, a landscape, a naked nature, figure, a still-life. To order a portrait in technique a pastel, a water color, coal, oil paints, distemper, a dry brush, in a pencil, from a nature and on a photo in a gift for one anniversary or to birthday. Having contacted the artist by the phone or having sent the letter on E-mail, you can order author's painting and to the hand-worked diagram.

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